Glossary of terms

Shared glossary of terms for the SSN, SAREF and oneM2M ontology and the ISO/IEC 30141 and OCF data models.

Term Type SSN oneM2M SAREF ISO/IEC 30141 OCF
ActuatableProperty Class
ActuatingFunction Class
Actuation Class
Actuator Class Actuator
Agent Class Agent
Appliance Class
Application Class Application
AreaNetwork Class
Aspect Class Aspect
Aspect Class
BuildingRelated Class
CloseCommand Class
CloseState Class
Coal Class
Command Class
Commodity Class
CommunicationProtocol Class CommunicationProtocol
Currency Class
DataStore Class DataStore
Deployment Class
Device Class Device Device
DigitalThing Class DigitalThing
DigitalUser Class DigitalUser
DoorSwitch Class
Electricity Class
Electronics Class Electronics
Endpoint Class Endpoint
Energy Class
EnergyMeter Class
EnergyRelated Class
EnergyUnit Class
Entity Class Entity
EventFunction Class
FeatureOfInterest Class
FeatureProperty Class FeatureProperty
Fitness Class Fitness
Function Class
FunctionRelated Class
GET_InputDataPoint Class
Gas Class
Gateway Class Gateway
Generator Class
GetCommand Class
GetCurrentMeterValueCommand Class
GetMeterDataCommand Class
GetMeterHistoryCommand Class
GetSensingDataCommand Class
HVAC Class
HumanUser Class HumanUser
Humidity Class
IlluminanceUnit Class
Infrastructure Class Infrastructure
Input Class
InterworkedDevice Class
IoTSystem Class IoTSystem
LevelControlFunction Class
Lighting Class Lighting
LightSwitch Class
LightingDevice Class
Load Class
Maintenance Class Maintenance
Measurement Class
MeasuringFunction Class
Medica Class Medica
MetaData Class
Meter Class
MeteringFunction Class
MicroRenewable Class
Motion Class
MultiLevelState Class
Multimedia Class
Network Class Network
NotifyCommand Class
ObservableProperty Class
Observation Class
Occupancy Class
OffCommand Class
OffState Class
OnCommand Class
OnOffFunction Class
OnOffState Class
OnState Class
OpenCloseFunction Class
OpenCloseState Class
OpenCommand Class
OpenState Class
Operation Class
OperationInput Class
OperationOutput Class
PauseCommand Class
Person Class Person
PersonalHealth Class PersonalHealth
PhysicalThing Class PhysicalThing
Platform Class
Power Class
PowerUnit Class
Pressure Class
PressureUnit Class
Price Class
Procedure Class
Profile Class
Resource Class Resource
Result Class
Role Class Role
SET_OutputDataPoint Class
Sample Class
Sampler Class
Sampling Class
Security Class Security
SensingFunction Class
Sensor Class Sensor
Sensor Class Sensor
Service Class Service
SetAbsoluteLevelCommand Class
SetLevelCommand Class
SetRelativeLevelCommand Class
SimpleTypeVariable Class
Smoke Class
SmokeSensor Class
SpaceConditioning Class SpaceConditioning
StartCommand Class
StartState Class
StartStopFunction Class
StartStopState Class
State Class State
StepDownCommand Class
StepUpCommand Class
Stimulus Class
StopCommand Class
StopState Class
Storage Class
StructuredTypeVariable Class
Switch Class
SwitchOnService Class
System Class
Tag Class Tag
Task Class
Temperature Class
TemperatureSensor Class
TemperatureUnit Class
Thing Class PhysicalThing
ThingProperty Class
ToggleCommand Class
Transportation Class Transportation
UnitOfMeasure Class
Variable Class
VariableConversion Class
VirtualThing Class VirtualThing
VirtualUser Class VirtualUser
WashingMachine Class
Water Class
Property Class Property
accomplishes Object property
actsOnFeatureProperty Object property actsOnFeatureProperty
actsOnProperty Object property
actsUpon Object property
areConnectedWith Object property areConnectedWith
communicatesWith Object property communicatesWith
connects Object property connects
consistsOf Object property consistsOf
controlsProperty Object property
convertsTo Object property
deployedOnPlatform Object property
deployedSystem Object property
describes Object property
describesAspect Object property describesAspect
detects Object property
encapsulates Object property encapsulates
exposesCommand Object property
exposesFunction Object property
forProperty Object property
hasCommand Object property
hasConversion Object property
hasDeployment Object property
hasFeatureOfInterest Object property
hasFunction Object property
hasFunctionality Object property hasFunctionality
hasInput Object property
hasInputDataPoint Object property
hasMetaData Object property
hasMeterReading Object property
hasMeterReadingType Object property
hasOperation Object property
hasOutput Object property
hasOutputDataPoint Object property
hasPrice Object property
hasProfile Object property
hasProperty Object property
hasResult Object property
hasRole Object property hasRole
hasSample Object property
hasSensingRange Object property
hasSensorType Object property
hasService Object property
hasState Object property
hasSubService Object property
hasSubStructure Object property
hasSubSystem Object property
hasTag Object property hasTag
hasThingProperty Object property
hasThingRelation Object property
hasThresholdMeasurement Object property
hasTime Object property
hasTypicalConsumption Object property
holds Object property holds
hosts Object property hosts
hosts Object property hosts
implementedBy Object property
implements Object property
inDeployment Object property
interactsThrough Object property interactsThrough
interactsUsing Object property interactsUsing
interactsWith Object property interactsWith
isAbout Object property
isAccessibleThrough Object property isAccessibleThrough isAccessibleThrough
isAccomplishedBy Object property
isActedOnBy Object property
isCommandOf Object property
isControlledByDevice Object property
isHostedBy Object property
isMeasuredByDevice Object property
isMeasuredIn Object property
isObservedBy Object property
isOfferedBy Object property
isPartOf Object property
isPropertyOf Object property
isProvidedOverProtocol Object property isProvidedOverProtocol
isProxyFor Object property
isResultOf Object property
isSampleOf Object property
isUsedFor Object property
madeActuation Object property
madeByActuator Object property
madeBySampler Object property
madeBySensor Object property
madeObservation Object property
madeSampling Object property
makesAccessible Object property makesAccessible
makesMeasurement Object property
measuresProperty Object property
monitors Object property monitors
observedProperty Object property
observes Object property
offers Object property
phenomenonTime Object property
refersTo Object property
relatesToMeasurement Object property
relatesToProperty Object property
represents Object property represents
usedProcedure Object property
uses Object property uses
wasOriginatedBy Object property
address Datatype property address
deviceName Datatype property deviceName
hasDataRestriction Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_length Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxExclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxInclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxLength Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minExclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minInclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minLength Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_pattern Datatype property
hasDataType Datatype property
hasDescription Datatype property
hasManufacturer Datatype property hasManufacturer
hasModel Datatype property
hasName Datatype property
hasThingAnnotation Datatype property
hasTimestamp Datatype property
hasUsers Datatype property hasUsers
hasValue Datatype property
isDataList Datatype property
netTechnologyCommunicationProtocol Datatype property
netTechnologyPhysicalStandard Datatype property
netTechnologyProfile Datatype property
oneM2MAttribute Datatype property
oneM2MMethod Datatype property
oneM2MTargetURI Datatype property
resultTime Datatype property
serialNumber Datatype property serialNumber
thingName Datatype property thingName
Cleaning Individual
Close Individual
Comfort Individual
Drying Individual
EnergyEfficiency Individual
Entertainment Individual
GetCurrentMeterValue Individual
GetMeterData Individual
GetMeterHistory Individual
GetSensingData Individual
Lighting Individual Lighting
MeterReading Individual
Notify Individual
Off Individual
Open Individual
Pause Individual
Safety Individual
SetAbsoluteLevel Individual
SetRelativeLevel Individual
Start Individual
StepDown Individual
StepUp Individual
Stop Individual
Toggle Individual
United_States_dollar Individual
Washing Individual
WellBeing Individual
bar Individual
degree_Celsius Individual
degree_Fahrenheit Individual
euro Individual
kelvin Individual
kilowatt Individual
kilowatt_hour Individual
lux Individual
pascal Individual
pound_sterling Individual
watt Individual
watt_hour Individual