Ontology conformance

Conformance results between SSN requirements and the SAREF ontology.

Shared requirements

The following table lists the SSN ontology requirements and whether the SAREF ontology satisfies them.

There are four possible results for each requirement:

  • : The requirements is passed by the ontology
  • Undefined: There are terms in the requirements that are not defined in the ontology
  • : The are relations and restrictions in the requirements that are absent in the ontology
  • : There is a conflict between the requirement and the ontology

Identifier Category Competency Question Result
ssn1 Procedure A procedure has an output Undefined
ssn2 Platform Platform has a deployment Undefined
ssn3 Platform System A platform is deployed by some system Undefined
ssn4 Observable property An observable property is a type of property Undefined
ssn5 Sensor Stimulus Sensor detects an stimulus Undefined
ssn6 Actuator An actuator mades only actuations
ssn7 Sampling FoI A sampling has one feature of interest Undefined
ssn8 Sampling Sample A sampling is linked to at least one sample Undefined
ssn9 Property FoI A property is a property of a feature of interest Undefined
ssn10 Procedure System A procedure is implemented by a system Undefined
ssn11 Procedure A procedure has an input Undefined
ssn12 Platform Deployment A deplopyment is deployed in a platform Undefined
ssn13 Procedure System A system implements a procedure Undefined
ssn14 System A system can have subsystems Undefined
ssn15 Property What is a property?
ssn16 FoI What is feature of interest? Undefined
ssn17 System What is a system? Undefined
ssn18 Deployment What is a deployment? Undefined
ssn19 Observation Stimulus The observation is originated by exactly one stimulus Undefined
ssn20 Observation Results An observation has only results Undefined
ssn21 Stimulus What is a stimulus? Undefined
ssn22 Observable property Sensor An observable property is observed by only sensors Undefined
ssn23 Observation Stimulus An observation is originated by a stimulus Undefined
ssn24 Observation FoI An observation is related only to one feature of interest Undefined
ssn25 Deployment Property Deployment is associated to a property Undefined
ssn26 Actuation Results An actuation has a result Undefined
ssn31 Sample Results FoI A sample is a type of feature of interest and result Undefined
ssn28 Stimulus Property The stimulus is proxy for a property Undefined
ssn29 Procedure What is a procedure? Undefined
ssn30 Sensor Observable property A sensor observes only observable properties Undefined
ssn31 Actuator What is an actuator?
ssn32 Sensor What is a sensor?
ssn33 Sensor System A sensor is a type of system Undefined
ssn34 Sampling Results A sampling has a result Undefined

Shared terms

The following table lists the terms that are defined in the SAREF and in the SSN ontology.

Term in SSN Term in SAREF
ssn:Actuator saref:Actuator
ssn:Property saref:Property
ssn:Sensor saref:Sensor


The following table summarises the metrics related to the conformance between the SAREF requirements and the SSN ontology

Metric Result
Percentage of covered requirement 11.76%
Percentage of requirements with terms that are undefined in the SSN ontology 88.23%
Percantge of requirements that lead to conflict between the SAREF and the SSN ontology 0%