Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms for the oneM2M ontology.

Term URI Type
AreaNetwork Class
Aspect Class
Command Class
ControllingFunction Class
Device Class
Function Class
GET_InputDataPoint Class
InputDataPoint Class
InterworkedDevice Class
MeasuringFunction Class
MetaData Class
Operation Class
OperationInput Class
OperationOutput Class
OutputDataPoint Class
SET_OutputDataPoint Class
Service Class
SimpleTypeVariable Class
StructuredTypeVariable Class
Thing Class
ThingProperty Class
Variable Class
VariableConversion Class
consistsOf Object property
convertsTo Object property
describes Object property
exposesCommand Object property
exposesFunction Object property
hasCommand Object property
hasConversion Object property
hasFunction Object property
hasInput Object property
hasInputDataPoint Object property
hasMetaData Object property
hasOperation Object property
hasOutput Object property
hasOutputDataPoint Object property
hasService Object property
hasSubService Object property
hasSubStructure Object property
hasThingProperty Object property
hasThingRelation Object property
isPartOf Object property
refersTo Object property
hasDataRestriction Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_length Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxExclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxInclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_maxLength Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minExclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minInclusive Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_minLength Datatype property
hasDataRestriction_pattern Datatype property
hasDataType Datatype property
hasThingAnnotation Datatype property
hasValue Datatype property
isDataList Datatype property
netTechnologyCommunicationProtocol Datatype property
netTechnologyPhysicalStandard Datatype property
netTechnologyProfile Datatype property
oneM2MAttribute Datatype property
oneM2MMethod Datatype property
oneM2MTargetURI Datatype property