Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms for the SAREF ontology.

Term URI Type
ActuatingFunction Class
Actuator Class
Appliance Class
BuildingRelated Class
CloseCommand Class
CloseState Class
Coal Class
Command Class
Commodity Class
Currency Class
DateTimeDescription Class
DateTimeInterval Class
DayOfWeek Class
Device Class
DoorSwitch Class
Duration Class
DurationDescription Class
Electricity Class
Energy Class
EnergyMeter Class
EnergyRelated Class
EnergyUnit Class
EventFunction Class
Function Class
FunctionRelated Class
Gas Class
GeneralDateTimeDescription Class
GeneralDurationDescription Class
Generator Class
GetCommand Class
GetCurrentMeterValueCommand Class
GetMeterDataCommand Class
GetMeterHistoryCommand Class
GetSensingDataCommand Class
HVAC Class
Humidity Class
IlluminanceUnit Class
Instant Class
Interval Class
January Class
LevelControlFunction Class
Light Class
LightSwitch Class
LightingDevice Class
Load Class
Measurement Class
Meter Class
MeteringFunction Class
MicroRenewable Class
MonthOfYear Class
Motion Class
MultiLevelState Class
Multimedia Class
Network Class
NotifyCommand Class
Occupancy Class
OffCommand Class
OffState Class
OnCommand Class
OnOffFunction Class
OnOffState Class
OnState Class
OpenCloseFunction Class
OpenCloseState Class
OpenCommand Class
OpenState Class
PauseCommand Class
Power Class
PowerUnit Class
Pressure Class
PressureUnit Class
Price Class
Profile Class
ProperInterval Class
SensingFunction Class
Sensor Class
Service Class
SetAbsoluteLevelCommand Class
SetLevelCommand Class
SetRelativeLevelCommand Class
Smoke Class
SmokeSensor Class
StartCommand Class
StartState Class
StartStopFunction Class
StartStopState Class
State Class
StepDownCommand Class
StepUpCommand Class
StopCommand Class
StopState Class
Storage Class
Switch Class
SwitchOnService Class
TRS Class
Task Class
Temperature Class
TemperatureSensor Class
TemperatureUnit Class
TemporalDuration Class
TemporalEntity Class
TemporalPosition Class
TemporalUnit Class
Thing Class
Time Class
TimePosition Class
TimeZone Class
ToggleCommand Class
UnitOfMeasure Class
WashingMachine Class
Water Class
Year Class
saref#:Property Class
accomplishes Object property
actsUpon Object property
after Object property
before Object property
consistsOf Object property
controlsProperty Object property
dayOfWeek Object property
hasBeginning Object property
hasCommand Object property
hasDateTimeDescription Object property
hasDuration Object property
hasDurationDescription Object property
hasEnd Object property
hasFunction Object property
hasMeterReading Object property
hasMeterReadingType Object property
hasPrice Object property
hasProfile Object property
hasSensingRange Object property
hasSensorType Object property
hasState Object property
hasTRS Object property
hasTemporalDuration Object property
hasThresholdMeasurement Object property
hasTime Object property
hasTypicalConsumption Object property
inDateTime Object property
inTemporalPosition Object property
inTimePosition Object property
inside Object property
intervalAfter Object property
intervalBefore Object property
intervalContains Object property
intervalDisjoint Object property
intervalDuring Object property
intervalEquals Object property
intervalFinishedBy Object property
intervalFinishes Object property
intervalIn Object property
intervalMeets Object property
intervalMetBy Object property
intervalOverlappedBy Object property
intervalOverlaps Object property
intervalStartedBy Object property
intervalStarts Object property
isAbout Object property
isAccomplishedBy Object property
isCommandOf Object property
isControlledByDevice Object property
isMeasuredByDevice Object property
isMeasuredIn Object property
isOfferedBy Object property
isUsedFor Object property
makesMeasurement Object property
measuresProperty Object property
monthOfYear Object property
offers Object property
relatesToMeasurement Object property
relatesToProperty Object property
represents Object property
timeZone Object property
unitType Object property
day Datatype property
dayOfYear Datatype property
days Datatype property
hasDescription Datatype property
hasManufacturer Datatype property
hasModel Datatype property
hasName Datatype property
hasTimestamp Datatype property
hasValue Datatype property
hasXSDDuration Datatype property
hour Datatype property
hours Datatype property
inXSDDate Datatype property
inXSDDateTime Datatype property
inXSDDateTimeStamp Datatype property
inXSDgYear Datatype property
inXSDgYearMonth Datatype property
minute Datatype property
minutes Datatype property
month Datatype property
months Datatype property
nominalPosition Datatype property
numericDuration Datatype property
numericPosition Datatype property
second Datatype property
seconds Datatype property
week Datatype property
weeks Datatype property
xsdDateTime Datatype property
year Datatype property
years Datatype property
Cleaning Individual
Close Individual
Comfort Individual
Drying Individual
EnergyEfficiency Individual
Entertainment Individual
Friday Individual
GetCurrentMeterValue Individual
GetMeterData Individual
GetMeterHistory Individual
GetSensingData Individual
Gregorian Individual
Lighting Individual
MeterReading Individual
Monday Individual
Notify Individual
Off Individual
On Individual
Open Individual
Pause Individual
Safety Individual
Saturday Individual
SetAbsoluteLevel Individual
SetRelativeLevel Individual
Start Individual
StepDown Individual
StepUp Individual
Stop Individual
Sunday Individual
Thursday Individual
Toggle Individual
Tuesday Individual
United_States_dollar Individual
Washing Individual
Wednesday Individual
WellBeing Individual
bar Individual
degree_Celsius Individual
degree_Fahrenheit Individual
euro Individual
kelvin Individual
kilowatt Individual
kilowatt_hour Individual
lux Individual
pascal Individual
pound_sterling Individual
unitDay Individual
unitHour Individual
unitMinute Individual
unitMonth Individual
unitSecond Individual
unitWeek Individual
unitYear Individual
watt Individual
watt_hour Individual