Ontology testing

Testing results for the OpenADR ontology.


The following table lists the OpenADR ontology requirements and the OpenADR ontology satisfies them.

There are four possible results for each requirement:

  • : The requirements is passed by the ontology
  • Undefined: There are terms in the requirements that are not defined in the ontology
  • : The are relations and restrictions in the requirements that are absent in the ontology
  • : There is a conflict between the requirement and the ontology

Identifier Category Competency Question Result
oadr1 Event Events are generated by the VTN
oadr2 Device Events are sent to targets
oadr3 Target A target includes a resource and its VEN
oadr4 Device Some events require a response
oadr5 Opt A response is required, the VEN acknowledges its opt-in or out-out disposition
oadr6 Event Events are included in the distribute event
oadr7 Event Distribute events includes zero or more events
oadr8 Event An event includes the following attributes: modificationNumber, modificationDateTime, modificationReason, priority, marketContext, createdDateTime, eventStatus, testEvent, comment
oadr9 Event A active period defines the start time and duration of the event
oadr10 Event The event also defines a randomization time window
oadr11 Event An event includes a signal
oadr12 Event An event also defines a ramp up and recovery period
oadr13 Event Events may contain multiple event signals
oadr14 Event Event signals may contain target elements
oadr15 VEN A VEN is a communication endpoint that represents one or more logical resources
oadr16 Signal There are different types of signals
oadr17 Report There are three two types of reports: metada and data report
oadr18 Report The data report can be of type history report and telemetry report
oadr19 Report A report includes the following atributes: id and duration
oadr20 Report A report defines a sampling rate
oadr21 Sampling A sampling rate has a minimum and maximum period
oadr22 Sampling A sampling rate has an attribute to determine whether or not data is sampled as it changes
oadr23 Opt The type of schedules that a VEN is allowed to issue: optIn, optOut, or both
oadr24 Signal Each signal element contains a signalType such as level or price
oadr25 Signal Each signal has a set of intervals
oadr26 Signal Each signal has the following attributes: name, type and item base
oadr27 VTN Each VTN has a period of temporary availability for a specific set of targets
oadr28 VTN Each VTN has a period of temporary unavailability for a specific set of targets
oadr29 Asset Assets are physical entities
oadr30 Asset An asset comprise a resource
oadr31 Resource An resource may be managet by the VEN
oadr32 Resource There may be one or more resources behind a VEN
oadr33 Signal Each signal, event and report has a market context
oadr34 Event An event can have more than one event descriptros
oadr35 Report A report can have more than one report descriptors
oadr36 Signal A signal can have more than one interval
oadr37 Signal Each interval in a signal is related to a typical value


The following table summarises the metrics related to the OpenADR ontology

Metric Result
Percentage of covered requirement 100%
Percentage of requirements with terms that are undefined in the ontology 0%
Percentage of requirements that lead to conflict 0%
Percentage of tested terms 44.18%